Sir Percival of York

Earl of Hertfordshire

The Duke's Bannerman







Born in 1395, grandson of John Thirlwall, Percival was brought up in York until 1407 when at the age of 12 he was sent to join the Household of Mowbray where he was to complete his training as a squire with Lord Richard Mowbray.

In 1412 aged 17 after successfully saving the Duke of Norfolk’s Banner during a skirmish in North West France Percival was knighted on the field and given the honour of becoming the Duke of Norfolk’s new Bannerman, and faithfully served by his Lord’s side.

In 1417 aged 22 Percival was granted the title of Earl and the lands of Hertfordshire after pleasing King Henry V in securing stronger alliances with both Mowbray and Thirwall.

In 1424 aged 29 Percival marries Lady Mable and in1426 Aged 31 Percival retires to his Estates where his beloved wife Lady Mable bears him a son Elvy followed by their daughter Rosie.


Knights School 2005 photos by Gerald Ye Herald